The A to Z Book of Menswear

Click here to buy your copy of The A to Z Book of MenswearThe paperback copy of the book is printed in a handy size which makes it easy to keep in your store, showroom or office. If you are a Buyer, take it with you when you visit your suppliers or factories. You never know when you might need it.

The 400 page book contains slightly less wordy descriptions of over 2,700 of the terms found here on the website and is not illustrated.

For $24.95* it is a very useful tool and product knowledge aid.
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We can also produce Bespoke Editions for corporations or companies requiring special extra information. Minimum quantities are very low. We can also design a special cover for you, as the following examples show.

Denim Bespoke EditionShirts Bespoke EditionSuits Bespoke Edition
For denim companiesFor shirt companiesFor suit companies

Whatever area of the menswear industry you are in, we can customise a book for you.

Please contact us for more information about our Bespoke Editions.

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